Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Part of the absolute wonder of grandboys is watching them grow and develop at such a rapid rate.  It kind of reminds me of when my boys were little, but different.  Back then, I couldn't wait them to: walk, feed themselves, dress themselves, learn to read...  The list was ever changing and never ending.  Always the next thing, but not entirely for the wonder of it all.  Once they fed or dressed themselves, it meant I got to move on to something else as well.  It wasn't quite that cold and calculated - just a necessity of life with three boys three and under.

But with grandboys it's a different kind of watch and wait.  I want them to learn to walk because there is nothing cuter than a toddler taking those Herman-Munster-like steps with their Mini-Me body.  But I'm still going to pick them up and carry them around and love them up.  So the actual walking isn't the point.  It's fine with me if they can show off by putting on their own coat, but I still want to get down on their level to zip the coat, deposit tickles in the pocket and kisses on the cheeks.  And for your sake if they didn't do something new and different, you would only have adorable pictures to view here on Tuesdays - which would also be a-MAZ-ing!

So Adian, a precocious three year old, has learned all the letters and the sound of each.  (We shall ignore for the time being that some letters make more than one sound.  Or that English pronunciation rules are somewhat capricious.)  The next predictable step is to sound out words.  This necessitates finding specific words where each letter makes the sound that Aidan is expecting.  H-I-T is a possibility.  T-H-E is not.

Showing off his new prowess, Aidan was sounding out the word "sit."  You know how it goes:  "S....I....T."  Now say it faster.  "S..I..T."  Now faster.  "SIT!".  Perfect!  Same success with "hat"!  How about the letters on his jacket?  "C....U....B....S"   Then "C..U..B..S"  And finally "CUP!  Yes, please, I want a drink!"

Give that boy a (root) beer!  He's already a die hard  Cubs fan!  It runs in the family.  Here to the 2015 season.  Seems like the perfect year for a P...E...N...N...A...N...T!

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