Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hoppy Easter!

I usually start a blog with a bit of an idea that hopefully grows into something useful and then add a picture.  Sometimes a picture reminds me of a story.  Fear not!  There is plenty of material for this Granma's Tuesday morning Snippets!  It seemed appropriate this week to have an Easter story.  But I couldn't think of one, at least not one that was developing into something useful.  But I have the perfect picture!

Three years ago, we moved into a new house, boasting a rather large crawl space.  It was also a cold Easter, so the egg hunt was held indoors - in the crawl space, to be exact.  Being no fool, I let Court hide the eggs - I try to stay out of those cramped quarters as much as possible.  That fact would be obvious to anyone who dared to look around in that receptacle of can't-quite-discard memorabilia, which tends to gather near the entrance.  Actually, even Bryce doesn't want to go in there any more - not that I blame him.  So those of us too wise (read "old") to enter got a good laugh at those who did.  And those who did, got candy and coins - a good trade all in all.  Sorry, that's all the better that story gets.

But the picture has been one of my Easter favorites ever since.  I can't decide if Bryce's expression says:  I just saw a cotton tail disappear around the corner!  OR I just stepped in something that might have passed close to a cotton tail.  Either way, it makes me smile every time.

So - aren't you glad a picture is worth a thousand words and that I'm not going to actually tell you what those words might be?  Please join me in enjoying a Granma memory and maybe a grandboy nightmare quickly banished by hugs and chocolates.

Happy Easter to all!

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