Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Road Trip!

Back in the early 80’s, I drove a Honda Civic.  It was decked out with 3 car seats, a few toys, something sticky in strategic locations, and the (not so) faint smell of sour milk.  Nothing more would have fit in that car.  One of the car seats was in the front seat, but that was in the day before it occurred to anyone that kids were safer in the back seat – further from Mom’s reach…

When their own sons numbered two, Court and Christine drove a Honda:  2 car seats, a few toys, no milky smell and nothing sticky.  But the biggest difference was that even with 2 adults in the front seats, this Granma could squeeze into the back seat between two love bugs in their hard shells.  That could change at any time by virtue of Granma gaining just a pound or two.

I went on a road trip with said family in said Honda 18 months or so ago.  Josiah got bored in his rear facing car seat – not much to see.  He expressed himself.  I jiggled the car seat and cooed and tickled.  He remained largely unaltered.  Aidan sang a happy song:  Granma, Car! Car! Car!  Bye-bye, car.  (second verse) Granma, Truck! Truck! Truck! Bye-bye, truck.  (third verse) Granma, Fire truck!  Fire truck!  Bye-bye, fire truck.  It’s like a toddler version of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.  Then there was adult conversation coming from the front seat, punctuated with, “Aidan, no more talking,” which had no effect whatsoever.

It was indeed a sweet symphony/cacophony of sound.  There was something magical, and frankly, quite comical, about that car going down the road.  After a long trip that hastened my need for hearing aids, we arrived at our destination – it probably took 20 minutes. 

I have found my motivation to never gain another ounce.  And I would even sit on something sticky if it found its way to my designated spot between those two car seats.  I like that kind of road trip.  I absolutely love that family.  I might even have 30 minutes of ride time in me.

Wonder where the twins will sit come October?  I was here first!

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