Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Number One or Number Two?

There are some sure-fired ways to elicit groans from mothers.  I bet you've already thought of a few.  Things that made me groan as a mother:
  1. A broken TV
  2. McDonald's - whether we were eating there or not
  3. Snow days
  4. Potty training
The list could be much longer, of course.  In general, though, Granmas don't feel the need to complain about the above - except maybe McDonald's, which is universal and ageless.  But since we aren't with the munchkins continually, most things can be tolerated and even enjoyed from our perspective.

My bathroom buddy
For example, Josiah is currently proceeding through the phases of #4 above.  During this period, every mother knows where every bathroom is in every store she might even think of frequenting.  This is because the time between "I have to go," and the actual go, is approximately 30 seconds.  In the good old days of training pants (heavy cotton, but not nearly absorbent enough or leak-proof), this spelled trouble.  Pull-ups, I suspect, have lessened the panic considerably.

Thanks to a motivating sticker chart that marks and rewards successes, Josiah is doing very well!  But being no fool, he is also using his status to his advantage.  Whenever Granma is around, he finds himself in desperate need of assistance in the bathroom - Granma assistance only.  He certainly knows what he is doing and how to do it unaided.  But being the second oldest of five, he has also learned that he can get an immediate reaction and private one-on-one time in close confines just by advertising certain needs.  I am also well aware I am being manipulated, but I like one-on-one time, too.

Cute little love-bug offers me an invitation I cannot refuse and gathers me to himself by closing and locking the bathroom door.  Without the lock, younger brother, Elijah, might join in the fun, which would defeat the purpose.  Josiah drops trow and positions himself appropriately as the conversation starts.  Many conversations revolve the fact that the door must remain locked, expounding on the necessity for privacy.  Some of the talk is about either the previous or the next adventure on the other side of the door.

But my favorite one occurred just the other day.  (Remember, I raised three boys before the five grandboys came along.  I am well versed in bodily function conversations.)  "Granma, when you pee you have to wash your hands."  Indeed, and so we shall.  "When you poop you have to wash your hands, too."  Correct, again!  "But, Granma, you don't have to wash your hands when you fart."

I would say he training is coming along beautifully, And I've never enjoyed potty training so much!  


  1. Precious! And what a smart kid. ;)
    I was in a store's restroom just a couple days ago, and witnessed (from behind my own privacy door) the turmoil of a mother speeding a young trainee into the next stall, to "just do it before you poop in your pants!" Apparently, this mother had about a 30-second window, as well! ><

    1. Haha! So universal. It almost makes diapers worth the hastle! Almost... Thanks for the comment!

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