Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hero in a Half Shell

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what little boys are made of - or so the saying goes.  It's poetic, but I'm not 100% certain I agree.  If I had to slap a label on the "boy" package, I think it would read (from greatest to smallest):  dirt, megaphone, love bunny, dinosaur, super hero, stardust, giggles and dreamer.  Poetry has never been one of my strengths, but I do know boys!

The ingredient list above is a generalization, of course, since no two boys are packaged identically.  I had one boy of my own who had more stardust than usual, one with an excess of love bunny, and one who was fully one-quarter Tyrannosaurus Rex - though all of them still had dirt as their first ingredient...  Likewise, grandboys vary slightly in proportional content.

Tyler's 6th birthday was last weekend.  You can probably tell from the picture what his predominate ingredient is.  In his case, dirt is not number one on the list, though it might be a close second.  Years ago, even while we struggled to understand his toddler-speak, he was shooting the bad guys with a rifle masquerading as a stick or Legos doubling as a gun or cardboard tube nunchaku.  Tyler, then and now, adds his own sound effects.  I would tell you what they are, but I'm not a good speller and I fear auto correct would not know what to do with my attempts.  Think "boy noises" and you will come close...

Happy birthday to my favorite hero in a half shell!  Not only is the world safe, but this Granma is secure in your love, as well.  I love you, Leonardo (blue mask - I Googled it)!  Happy Birthday!

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