Tuesday, January 10, 2017

21st Century Love Letters

I was wondering what the post would be for today - an all too common Monday night occurance in this corner of the world - when lightening struck.  Not an actual 1.2 gigiwatts of power, for those of you old enough to remember when "Back to the Future" was predicting a year yet into the future.  My reference to "lightening" was electrical, none the less.  That is, I received a text from my grandgirlie, Bella!

Bella received an iPod from Santa.  She can't make phone calls, but she can text!  And I am the happy receipient of the electronic media.  Part vocabulary and more emoticon, we conversed.  Side note;  I was well into my 50s before I even heard the word "emoticon."  Just a couple of months ago my 5-year-old grandboy commented on a picture of another grandboy with a mylar baloon.  He asked why Josiah had an emoticon.  Silly me.  I thought it was a "smiley face" floating above him.  This Granma is a techno-flop.

Back to Bella and the "conversation" at hand.  It started with, "I just got back from school for today.  emoticon, emoticon, emoticon"  Picture a high five, backpack and stack of books.  (A more tech-savvy Granma would actually show you those picture.  Sorry, you just get words...)  We proceeded through dinner plans, Skopkins, YouTube, snow, and Grampa.  It was a very involved and inspired conversation, as you can see - in part.  We ended when she actually had to eat.  No texting at the table - a rule I whole-heartedly endorse.  Afterall, I was never allowed to text at the table when I was a kid...

OK.  So I'm dragging myself into the 21st century, not altogether unwillingly, just sometimes reaching the far edges of the stretch-ability of my mind.  But there is one nagging question that defies a satisfactory answer:  why is Bella's selfy so cute, even when she is goofy?  And I am so goofy, no matter how I try?  I think I need a stylist - or a new nose...or lessons from a grandgirlie...

However, I think I'm doing pretty well at the heart emoticons, even if I don't vary them as well as my Bella.  I mean every electronic heart of them!

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