Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stuck on You!

It started out innocently enough - some spare stickers left over from making Christmas ornaments.  One more winter creation - you know, something to do in the post holiday malaise.   The carols have ended, the ornaments are recharging for next year's season of glitter and glitz, the wrapping paper is decorating the land fill and the cookies have settled in for a long winter's nap around my mid-section.  The house has returned to its former state of normal, whatever that might entail.  But the stickers were not quite finished with their holiday cheer.  Being quite contrary, they were calling in the evening hours, and a certain grandgirlie named Bella heeded their plight.

At first the stickers and I and the one dressed in pink were content decorating paper in the grand pit (otherwise known as the basement).  There were dancing snowmen aplenty - who are, incidentally, still doing their pirouettes for the benefit of the rest of the toys.  Alas, top hats outnumbered snow heads by a factor of 10 to one, and apparently there was a blizzard of snowflakes as well.

A cold wind buffeted our stickers up the stairs were the balance of the adults had retired to warmth and comfort - and a beer and football.  We did what any responsible Granma and grandgirlie would - we followed that fair breeze to witness its effects.

Remember the story of Frosty the Snowman and how when his hat flew off he turned back into an ordinary frozen sculpture?  Well, apparently, his hat(s) have the opposite affect of huMANS, though they seem to grace huWOMANS with their most winning smiles. Colin slept through the first blizzard of 2016, like a bear in a cave or, rather, a teddy bear in a dream tunnel.

Dream sweetly, Colin, of the women in your life!  And much love to you all!

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