Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Out of the Mouths (and Noses) of Babes

There is one thing you should always expect from the mouths of toddlers - besides whining when they don't get their way.  You should always expect the unexpected.  They make for the best stories - as long as you can remember them - ergo the blog.

Case in point - I took Aidan and Josiah to the park on an AMAZING February day in any part of the country, but especially in Illinois.  Sunny and 60.  There is a God and He loves me very much...  Now back to the blog...

The boys, recently recovered from colds, had a wonderful time running around at the park - their noses were doing the same, so don't zoom in on the picture too much.  You have been warned!

"Granma, take a picture of me going down the slide."

"Me, too," says Josiah.

"Granma, take a picture of me climbing up the slide."

"Me, too," says Josiah.

Have cell phone, will travel.  Aren't you glad I'm not torturing you will all 34 pictures and 2 videos of the outing?  You're welcome.

Later that evening as we reminisced, Aidan flipped through the pictures commenting on each with the same words, varying only the inflection, "Oh, how precious!" or "Ohhhhh, how Precious!"   Now, remember, I have three sons and five grandboys.  There are, indeed, precious pictures of each of them.  None of them were taken with leaking noses while at the playground.  "Cute" maybe.  "Hilarious" probably.  "Oh, boy!" definitely.  NOT precious!

But, oh, Adian, how I do love you!  Your words are as precious as are you!  But I have to disagree with you on your assessment of the photographic evidence.  Not even this Granma can give your brother's and your faces, coated with snot, that assessment.  I think I'll kiss your foreheads...


  1. Precious! What I see in this, Lory, is a different conclusion than yours, altogether: I am delighting in and praising God for Christine Harris, a mother who clearly uses that word to describe her beloved FIVE children (and pictures of them), giving them a vocabulary of positivity and compassion to use when interacting in the world around them. :) Yes, the word may be misapplied here (and maybe Christine misapplies it, too) ~ but OH! how wonderful to have the children learning to declare Goodness in this world and in their lives! PTL. Kiss those precious foreheads! <3

  2. They are, indeed, so well loved and extremely precious! And I love that they hear it and know it! Whatever you say to a child you will eventually hear again! Make it good!