Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Well Loved!

You know what I love most about grandboys and grandgirlies?  They are just love machines.  I am absolutely attracted to them like a piece of metal to their high-power electromagnetism!

Regardless of who does the walking in the door, the first order of business is hugs and kisses - and if your original grandboy has hit double digits, there may be other shenanigans as well: ducking to miss a kiss that he knows he can't ultimately avoid (nor does he really want to), or jumping up and wrapping his legs around me for a full contact hug.  I brace myself when Bryce walks in the door.  I love that, too.

Occasionally one of the mid-sized midgets thinks he can do without the requisite loving, focused as he might be on a certain toy.  Not to worry.  Eventually he will want a Granma favor, and that always comes with a price.  I won't be denied!

The youngest recipients of  Granma loving aren't big enough to run away, and way too smart to avoid it!.  They also dress in pink, which makes them something of an anomaly in this household!  Faith and Naomi are getting so big - 10 pounds!  Almost a ten fold increase in six months!

I could fill this blog with pictures of more people kissing these little sweethearts that would make a politician envious - and we all know there are way too many politicians in the spotlight right now!  But there will never be too many kisses for these miracle bundles!  They are sweet and beautiful girlies, obviously well loved: by Mama and Daddy, by brothers and cousins, by aunts and uncles, by family and friends, by people who have never seen them in person but have been praying for them all this time!  And, well, by this heavily metaled Granma, taken in by their magnetic beings.

God has blessed you, Faith and Naomi - and He has blessed us, too, with you!

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