Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Music to the Ears

Being a toddler means play, right?  Their play is the stuff of learning, so really, their play is hard work - probably harder than most adults work. With any luck, they sleep hard, too.  At least parents certainly hope so when they tuck those little formerly busy bodies with eyes that droop and sometimes leak.  Bed is often the best place for a whiny toddler, and it is certainly a parent's best friend.  Well, bed or Granma's house - but even Granma magic only works for a limited time against the deeper necessary magic of sleep.  (Side note:  the real problem is when the toddler grows up and exceeds Granma's bedtime, but that is a blog of a different color.)

Toys come in all shapes and sizes: from Lego fashioned into stairways or cars, to boxes with a myriad of uses, to the grandest toys of all - TA DA - a grand piano!  A piano is like a grandboy magnet.  The force of the attraction between fingers and keys is equal to the enjoyment of little ears and opposite to that of big ears.  Loud and repetitive - oh (grand)boy!

Josiah, in particular, loves the piano.  He gets a serious, reverent look on his face as he approaches the keys.  But when he tickles the ivories, they tickle him back. And when his Grampa plays a duet with him, it is pure magic.

I guess that one of the grandest parts of the instrument is the way it can span the generations.  And it is sweet, sweet music to my ears...

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