Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Hand Full of Fingers

Five is a pretty essential number.  There is high five and Jackson Five and five little monkeys jumping on the bed.  I have experienced them all, though I know the Jackson Five dates me some.  That's ok, 'cause One Bad Apple Don't Spoil The Whole Bunch - if you are Granma or Grampa enough to know what I mean...

There is an extra special "five" happening this week, though, when Aidan has his birthday!!!!  For anyone reading this, you've been there and done that, I know.  Maybe you remember or maybe not.  I can't really say I remember the exact day I turned five, but I have relived the occassion a couple of times with other grandboys.  There is something magical about spreading all your fingers on one hand to emphasize your age.  Maybe because it's the end of an era - when was the last time that a child showed you six fingers when asked his age?

Aidan is a rather precocious five, a trait he has dragged with him through many years now.  I have had to give up on spelling over his head when I didn't want him to know what we were talking about.  No matter how fast I say the letters, he announces the spelled words.  Not that he is a perfect speller; there are two notable exceptions to his talent.  First, he is convinced that "of" is spelled "o-v".  He might have a point there.  Secondly, he insists that my name is GranDma.  On that score he is just wrong, but after spending much time trying to convince him that there is no D in Granma, I gave up the quest.  We will take it up again when both hands are necessary to indicate his age.

Aidan's most ambitious adventures start with "I have an idea..."  However, some of the most ill-conceived thoughts start the same way.  You have to be very careful and discerning with those sentences.  On the other hand, if you tell him something as a throwaway comment or just to pacify him, be prepared to hear about it again.  He never gives up and he never forgets.  If it weren't for his wiry body, you would think he was an elephant.  As you can see, though, he is getting cuter and his personality is getting bigger by the photograph.  Pictures don't lie!

Happy Birthday, Aidan!  You are one major goofball, and I couldn't love you more if I tried!  Bring on the cake and candles!

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