Tuesday, June 21, 2016

We're off to see the Wizard - the one with Ears!

It's here!!!  The time is now!!!!  Bring on the Mouse!!!!  If by chance you are reading this in the p.m., we will be looking down on you from the friendly skies, winging our way to Orlando.  Bryce and I, bestie Merry and rent-a-kid Ava are headed to Disney!!!  There has been much anticipation of this trip.  The countdown started with two digits, the first being a six.  And now it's finally here!

Last year Merry and I took Bryce and Ava to an amusement and water park in Iowa.  As a result, Bryce loves Iowa and can't think of a better place to go.  Of course, he has heard about Disney, but can it really be that much better?  Oh boy!!!  There might be nothing better for a Granma than blowing the mind of another generation.

"Do we get to take an airplane?"  I have a five hour maximum for driving, so a flight is in order.

"Do they have roller coasters?"  Tower of Terror, anyone?  (Not that I really call that a roller coaster.  More of a bungee jump with a seat belt.)

I've only been to Disney once - with my bestie.  It was awesome!  To see Cinderella's castle all lit up for the night, and wait in line forever for the micro-thrill of a lifetime, and witness the scope of the world's largest souvenir stand.  And now, I get to see it all again!  But this time through the eyes of a child - a couple of children, actually, that I love very much.  Pictures to follow on Facebook - and no doubt in a future blog, too.

Watch out Mouse!  Here we come!

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