Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Happy Birthday to Her!

I missed her first - and second.  As a matter of fact, I missed her third, fourth and fifth birthdays, too.  But I was there for the sixth, and the seventh arrives later this week!  My eldest and first grandgirlie!  Miss Bella!!!

Bella can light up any room.  Actually, she can boss a room around pretty effectively, too - though quite nicely, I might add.  She LOVES little cousins!  And they follow her like the pied piper that she is!  She is pink and purple and lipstick and Barbies.  In other words, a foreigner in these parts and a welcome one.

Then again, she is also the master at going cross-eyed, and she certainly doesn't shy away from water fights and goopy stuff and being one of the boys. (I''m so disappointed I can't find the picture of my cross-eyed beauty!  It does exist!)

You know the hardest - and best - part about having a grandgirlie like Bella?  I have to figure out what to get her for her birthday.  So far, I've figured out nothing with wheels, or superheros, or guns.  What does that leave?  I think I need a trip to Toys-R-Us - and Fast!!!

I love you, Bella!  Happy Birthday!

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