Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Water, water everywhere!

Memorial Day.  A time to remember and reflect, and I do!  With a heartfelt thanks to my grandfather (WWII), my father (Korea) and my son Colin (Operation Iraqi Freedom), among the multitude of others owed a debt of gratitude.

But in a whimsical (exact opposite of the initial intention) and new-traditional bent, it is also the start of summer.  On a personal note, I love spring because it means summer is coming.  I submit to fall's natural air conditioning and I endure winter to get to spring.  Thus, for absolutely personal and trite reasons, I love Memorial weekend that much more - the unofficial start of summer.  Last weekend did not disappoint.  Sunday, the grandboys and girlies and those who I love on up the generational-relational ladder, gathered for a celebration of family.

In addition to "grand" love, hugs and kisses, where was food and laughter and family nonsense - a normal gathering.  Grampa got extra smiles and love from Naomi - and if you zoom in, a trail of liquid love extending from her mouth to his shirt.  Those would be 10-month old brand of kisses!

Elijah shared his water with me after playing in the pool with the "big" kids - and crying foul at their antics.  Well, certainly crying anyway.  He came up to sit on my lap instead.  Thankfully, no pictures exist of Granma's well loved and dampened lap.  Let's just say it didn't remind anyone of a pool.

Then, of course, there are water guns.  Aidan looks like his valiant attempt to hold his own might be waning.  Uncle Corey's self-satisfied look of triumph seems to validate that assumption.

 Eventually water gave way to the park and then whiffle ball (ish) and soccer (ish) and a game of Monopoly (straight up - see the May 10th blog).  This Granma left just after all the aforementioned, except for the conclusion of Monopoly, which as we all know, is endless.

Happy Memorial Day to all!   Bring on the water! And the happiest start to summer!  It is going to be a great one!

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