Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Super Powers!

First a belated public service announcement: last Thursday was National Super Hero Day!  Had I realized that LAST Tuesday, I would have informed you in advance.  As it was, I didn't hear of the opportunity to acknowledge greatness until I was on the way home from work on that momentous day.  I wonder how many sightings of Super Man or Wonder Woman I missed mistakenly expecting a mundane April Thursday.  I almost missed the opportunity - almost, but not entirely!

Some people hear Super Hero and immediately think of the Spider Man or the Green Hornet or Batman and Robin.  For me, one word instantly popped into my head when I heard of the momentous occasion:  Tyler.  You see, Tyler is so super on his own that he doesn't need a two word moniker or a side kick, though he does have Bryce and Bella, so he actually has TWO sidekicks.  Bryce and Bella might offer swift kicks of their own at being dubbed such - siblings!

Tyler is a mighty force with which to be reckoned.  Even after multiple frantic calls and offering assistance to multitudes of damsels in distress, Tyler remains on heightened alert.  He is a perpetual motion machine that will not rest until the whole of the world is breathing easy.  Even then, he is ever vigilant - just in case.  If you doubt me, you should see him at the dinner table.  Fork in one hand and spoon in the other, they twist and twirl non-stop the entire meal.  By that I do not mean that he is eating quickly, if at all.  It's just that the utensils that might otherwise be used for such purposes never stop moving.  Super Tyler has, after all, studied under the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He would know, though I don't, exactly which Turtle employs which tool of the trade and how to use each effectively.

Perhaps you didn't get to show your gratitude to an actual super hero last Thursday, but I did!  I got to call Tyler and thank him most humbly for his service.  His dad received a smile and a hug for my phone call.  I think I'm jealous!  But you can't hold a defender of justice down - just ask Lois Lane.  I'll collect my hugs later - when my favorite super hero has a rare, spare moment.

I love you, Super Tyler!

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