Tuesday, April 5, 2016

In Her Eyes

Faith - Christine - Naomi
These beautiful baby grandgirlies were born last summer.  It seems like a million years ago, due in part of an endless winter which refuses to let go.  But, more due to all that has happened since then.  Months in the NICU, surgeries, prayers and waiting, much prayerful waiting.

Watching these girlies develop has been such a blessing!  They have grown to quite the hands full, which is saying something from starting at just over a pound a piece.  To see their smiles and hear them cooing, they are just normal babies.  What a miracle "normal" is!

I don't have anything profound or witty or original to say.  But I do have a request.  Faith is having eye surgery today to cleanup an excess of blood vessels that grew around the retina when she was on oxygen after her birth (that would be my layman's understanding and explanation - don't take it for gospel).  Would you please pray for Faith and for the whole family?  Pray for the Great Healer's hand upon Faith and the Holy Spirit's peace for the family and wisdom for the doctors.

Her eyes are so beautiful!  May they reveal to her years and years, seasons and seasons of God's glorious beauty as well.