Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Best. Uncle. Ever!!!

I feel sorry for the kids that don't have one.  You know, the uncle who teaches them to make volcanoes out of mashed potatoes filled with golden butter lava.  The one that buys them the BEST toys at Christmas and birthdays and just because - the toys that make parents cringe with fear and the kids squeal with joy.  It is the uncle who gives them Garrett's popcorn at 10 am cuz it's a veggie, right?

My boys had uncles like that - who hosted them up in the air by their ears and wrestled them to the ground and later "died" dramatically in a sword fight.  Uncles are supposed to show the next generation the art of cookie thievery and then manufacture a bedtime reprieve of at least an hour or so.  When their nephew slips in the mud, unsure if he should laugh or cry, it's uncle to the rescue, joining him in the muck, laughing the whole time - or not joining him and laughing the whole time - mud makes uncles a bit unpredictable.  However, if you laugh at an uncle who got muddier than expected, you had better have a good head start and be a track phenom...

My grandboys and girlies are blessed that have "that" uncle.  They call him Uncle Corey.  Sunday he took a day to show Aidan and Bella his city: bats and butterfies, train and boat "garages", Five Guys and french fries.  He even helped Aidan pick the sesame seeds off his grilled cheese when they proved to be "too spicy".  He planned, organized and kept track of our schedule, getting us back to the train garage at just the right time.

Ok, truth be told, the Sunday train schedule is on alternating hours.  If we missed the train, he would either have to drive us to the 'burbs or entertain us for another two hours.  Yep, he's one awesome uncle, and a smart one, too.

We love you, Uncle Corey!

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