Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Circling around to the Circle of Life

There are times when things rattle around in my head, making endless and annoying circles until they find an outlet.  One effective such exit is my fingers on a keyboard.  Sometimes what comes out is still circular, and maybe even annoying.  Let's see what happens today.

Sunday morning my bestie's aunt, Big Mary (or just Big), was taken by ambulance to the hospital, dehydrated and generally not feeling well.  She is 92 years young and we aren't done with her smile and sweet disposition.  And fortunately it appears she isn't done with us,either.  Get well quickly, Big!

At approximately the same time, 10 miles away, my youngest grandson was employing similar transportation to a similar local.  There are worse things than getting that news - like finding a blue tinged baby and tripping over your own stomach while restarting your own heart and hoping his is, too.  Thankfully, it is a happily ever after story.  Elijah is back to his little boy energetic self.

It's a time honored tradition that Granmas will cross over before Mamas and Daddys and definitely before grandboys and girlies.  When someday Elijah does breathes his last, I want to be a distant, though sweet, memory.  I want to be waiting for my grands on the other side with arms open wide and kisses and "I love yous" that I have been saving up for decades.

Time honored tradition, indeed, but not always life honored.  Life can be messy.  And Sunday reminded me again that wanting does not always intersect with having.  I can say "thank you, Lord" and "praise God" that a little boys uses his toddler legs to keep up with his older brothers and his special brand of sloppy kisses to shower his sisters.  But what if God's plans had been contrary to mine?  Would I still praise Him in the storm?  I want to say "Yes!"  But I'm not sure I even have enough faith to believe my own proclamation.

What I can do is say a sincere thank you to the Lord of the Universe who saw fit to send two sets of first responders and two hospitals to nurture the lives placed in their hands.  Beyond that, all I can do is take tomorrow on faith - faith that faith will be enough when paths inevitably diverge.

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