Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Perfect in Pink

There are a several words I would use to describe myself besides Granma.  There is wife and mother, of course, but also biker (of the pedal variety), blogger and quilter.  There are also words I don't use, like cook, gardener and golfer.  Fortunately I married someone who is really good at those, but that's material for a blog of a different name.

I have made quilts for each of my grandboys when they were born.  There were woodland critters and circus animals, monsters and farm animals, bugs and more.  Besides the fact that I seem to be fixated on creepy crawly things, all the quilts had a good blue representation in them.  That's kind of funny since my quilting friends will tell you I don't like blue - or some specific shades of blue, anyway.  My quilting friends know me long and well.

Generally when I make a quilt, I shop first in my stash.  It's cheaper that way.  The first picture is of the majority of my stash.  See that bit of pink in the upper left corner - the stuff mixed in with the red and orange?  That's it.  There has been little call for pink heretofore.  And those pinks tend to be of the florescent variety, not soft and sweet and baby girlish.  Still, I thought I would find something there, kind of like a sour dough starter - something for a beginning inspiration.  Yeah - no...

So it was off to the quilt store for me to walk among all the colors and feel them vibrate in my hands and heart.  I am a fabroholic and proud of it!  I knew the colors I was looking for:  pink, of course, and aqua, Faith and Naomi's Mama's favorite color.  I found the perfect fabric with an aqua background!  I thought long and hard about including it, covered as it was with really adorable monsters.  Sigh...I put it back.  And there was one that had a rainbow of colors that would have tied the aquas and pinks together.  It had crocodiles on it.  This was turning out to be much more difficult than I first suspected!

In the end, I had to discipline myself to look at a whole different section of the fabric store.  I didn't quite end up with soft and sweet, but it is aqua and pink.  Oh, the other thing  my quilt friends will tell you is I don't do pastel. This is also true, if you use the most common understanding of the word "pastel".

These are going to be wonderfully girly, pastel-ish quilts, stitched together with immeasurable love!

Maybe they will fade after a washing - or 50.

GRANDGIRL UPDATE:  Faith and Naomi are holding their own for being such bitty bits.  (The quilts are California king sized plus to their perfect and tiny little bodies.)  They are three weeks old today and back up to roughly their birth weights.  Please pray for their continued health and development.  And please pray for their parents, Court and Christine.  The road is long and hard, but it is there is no other road they would rather be on.  Such is the dichotomy when your heart beats outside your own body.

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  1. One of my favorite phrases of yours, "when your heart beats outside your own body."