Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa!

Last year, my family had a reunion in Door County, Wisconsin.  My parents, siblings, spouses, nieces and nephews, and even most of my parent's great-grands were in attendance.  It was an amazing week that none of us will forget any time soon.

Colin was not able to attend owning to his new job, but we brought Bryce along with us.  It was not always 100% obvious that he was having the time of his life.  Eight was a rather moody year for him, owing to factors beyond his control.  Bryce really didn't fit in with the rest of the great grands, being six or more years older than most of them.  But he was ten plus years younger than the next grouping.  Something I LOVE about my family: Bryce was included as one of the "big" kids.  They went swimming in Lake Michigan in the rain (no thunder or lightening), watched movies and played DS together.  He stayed up late with them while Grampa and Granma went to bed.

This past Spring, I asked Bryce if he would like to join me on a trip to Iowa: water parks and amusement parks and visit with several relatives.  He answer was emphatic:  No, he wanted to go to Wisconsin.  Ok, so moody didn't exactly end at age eight.  Granmas are wise enough to ignore moody when it bears no resemblance to reality.

A couple of weeks ago, four of us piled in the car for the trip to a neighboring state that was NOT Wisconsin.  (More info is available in the June 30th blog, but you, my loyal readers, already know that!)  There were a few snafus along the way, but the corn encrusted state of Iowa treated us well.  It was nothing like the Wisconsin trip, but equally amazing!

At the end of our time, Bryce asked me what state I would take him to next year.  I have learned after years of successes and failures, that sometimes it is best to answer a question with a question.  So I asked him what state he would like to go to.  His answer:  Iowa!  (This would be a good time to say that I was born and raised in Iowa - I'm a small town girl at heart.)  Perfect answer, though it might or might not be our destination in 2016.

Perhaps I should have just smiled and let it go, but sometimes I can't keep the "I told you so" in.  "Bryce, remember when I told you we were going to Iowa and you said you only wanted to go to Wisconsin?"

"Yes," he replied, "but I didn't know Iowa was so much fun!"

Most people don't, Bryce.  What a pity for them.