Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Fourth Dimension

Girls, I've heard it said, can be a bit unpredictable; they change their minds at the drop of a hat.  Personally, I've never noticed, which might be due in part of the dearth of females in my family tree (between myself and the next generations - heretofore).  But such was the case with my baby grandgirls last week.  They decided to make an early, Early, EARLY arrival.  Fortunately they listened to their elders and decided to stay put.  Their Mama is also staying put, in the hospital, until they are born, hopefully in October.  This is called a change of plans in a family way - extended time and family, both!

My initial plans for this week had included a bike ride across the state of Iowa with my brother Bruce and my son, Corey.  As a Granma, I was planning to remove my hearing aids and cast off my walker and show up the younger generation.  One place where I can still impress my 9 year old grandson is on a bike.  I have to take advantage of that while I still can!

But five days before my departure to the cornfields of Iowa, my grandgirlies changed my plans.  I am so excited to be watching three grandboys (the girlies' older brothers) for the week instead, while their Daddy goes to work.  My brother (got to love him!) is biking with a 2D version of me across the state of Iowa and having way too much fun - much of it at my expense, I might add - while this 3D version runs around after 3 toddlers and waits anxiously for nap time.  (True confessions, on my first day, yesterday, while Aidan watched Chuggington, Josiah and Elijah napped and Granma dozed. :-)

Happy peddling, Bruce and Corey!  I'm picking up toys and changing diapers.  So here is a picture that proves that I am pulling my weight, though not on a bike.  You really should be jealous!  This is the 4D version of me - the fourth being love.

Postscript:  between the writing of this blog and the publishing, the girls have changed their minds again.  Please pray with us for God's hand on them and on Christine and for wisdom for the doctors as they assess the situation.  Updates to follow on Facebook.

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