Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What I Learned from a Mouse

Two years ago, I went to Disney World for the very first time - EVER!  I never really understood the hype.  In truth, my head probably still doesn't understand - but my heart does!!!  It was a best friend/daughter affair.  Being short on the daughter, I came along as best friend.  Merry and I have many stories that we would be happy to share, though not on Granma time.

You might notice from the picture that I am the shortest one in the group - meaning I met the five foot-something designation to join the frivolity.  I assure you, the vertically challenged were EVERYWHERE, except attached to our hands.  That is the way to discover the Wonderful World of Disney - height restriction strictly enforced!  I would, however, like to take my grandboys there - one at a time and only once they meet the aforementioned requirement.  Bryce is first up!  Maybe next year?!

At any rate, a mouse named Mickey invited me on an extensive tour of his home, which was incredibility hospitable of him.  He provided fireworks every night and shopping opportunities every 3.7 feet.  He even offered to schlep our purchases back to our hotel.  What an accommodating whiskered quadruped - and I'm not all that fond of rodents as a rule.  Mickey is an exception.

Last weekend was Bella's birthday party.  Bella has no aversions to rodents - or reptiles, for that matter, though that is a blog for another time.  There is the princess now!  I realize the picture is blurry, but I'm sure you will understand why shortly.  Knowing that Florida in June might be on the warm and humid side, Bella decided to party with a different mouse - named Charles - his friends call him Chuck.

Mr. Cheese, as I shall call him is a very distant relative to Mickey.  There are some similarities:  whiskers, ears, and tail.  Shopping opportunities abound every 1.9 feet, but you may only shop with specific currency that must be acquired from specially designed ATM machines that eat green paper and spit out gold coins. Grandboys never tire of THAT trick.

Being a rather brave (read: fool-hardy) Granma, I volunteered to bring Aidan and Josiah to the festivities.  They loved the gold coins and caught on quickly enough what to do with them.  They wanted to explore each and every coin slot - one to the left and the other to the right.  Granma was in the middle looking a bit like Elasta-Girl, or a failed version of said superhero.

 I consider myself a pretty quick learner.  And long before we exited the house of Mr. Charles "Chuck" E. Cheese, I had acquired several valuable pieces of information.  Granmas do not want to be friends with all 7' tall rodents.  Mr. Cheese's residence also has a height requirement, that being UNDER five foot tall.  Regardless of how much I shrink over time, I will always lay claim to my tallest, leaving me ineligible for a return visit.  That last sentence makes this Granma smile just thinking about it!

There is only one thing that will EVER get me back to the house of Mr. Cheese.  And that is: another birthday party for a grandboy or grandgirlie.  And I am extremely grateful that those don't roll around on a weekly basis.

Happy Birthday, Bella.  May number 6 be an awesome year for you!

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