Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Pink Asterisk

Over 34 years ago my first son was born.  Seven pounds eight ounces of baby boy - beautiful beyond belief!  A little over nine months ago, another baby joined the family - number eight in a string of bundles of blue.  He was oh so himself and equally beautiful!

I have over three decades of blue to my credit - and by that I frequently mean black and blue.  Boys are a different beast.  Oh heck, boys are frequently beasts - cute, yes!  But beasty, too - rough and rugged and smelly and fuzzy-cuddly, too.  It's a boy thing - and if you have been around enough of them (which may be defined as only one), you know what I mean.  Just this weekend, Tyler (4) nibbled his grilled cheeses into the shape of a gun and shot at me across the table.  I'm not sure I've ever been attacked by American cheese before, but it felt so normal that maybe I have and just repressed the memory.

I had kind of expected a life time full of make-shift guns and best friend who double as punching bags.  In decades past, I would spend days being mad at my son's friend for a slight, while my son headed over to the offenders house 15 minutes later to play soccer.  Boys are just different!  But it's a different to which I have grown accustomed.


Meet Isabella!  Her face isn't always so purple.  In fact, just lately I've seen it in shades of pink and white with rabbit whiskers radiating from her nose and across her cheeks.  (When boys have their faces painted, they turn into Spider Man or Ninja Turtles or something - NO pink or purple.)  Bella is the daughter of Emma, girlfriend of Colin.

From the first time we met Bella, we just wanted to admit her to the family (Emma as well, mind you) - and not just because her favorite color is pink.  She radiates five year old confidence and love that is absolutely infectious!  But Saturday, for the first time, she called me Granma!  Be still my heart!  But listen closely, my ears!  Sweet, sweet music!!!

Oh, and just in case you missed the rest of the news, Bella has a huge job ahead of her!  She has to teach us how to treat little girls.  Apparently you should not turn girl toddlers upside down and spin them around and pretend to drop them only to catch them again.  And you should not jump out from behind doors and yell "BOO" and make them jump (and probably cry).  And you should have baby dolls and miscellaneous pink fluffy stuff for cuddling.  All of this education will come in very handy in October when the twin baby GIRLIES are born to Court and Christine!

Yep, yep!  There will be a total of three girls added to the Harris family by the end of the year!  So - do I change the name of the blog?  I think not.  But there is a huge pink asterisk in the title.  Well, actually, it's white, but maybe I can get someone more technologically savvy than I to change its color.

Make way for the pink revolution!


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  2. So exciting! You'll be a wonderful girl-grandma too!

    1. So excited to give it my best shot! Merry is always telling me I'm too rough with her granddaughter, but I haven't broken her yet!