Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Let Them Eat Cake!

There are a dozen or so birthdays to celebrate in our Harris niche.  Nothing like a great reason to gather - food, laughter and general bedlam.  Admittedly, the coordination of schedules to allow for the gather is the most challenge.  Between work schedules (one on night shifts), school schedules, and life in general, it almost takes an act of congress to get all of here at one time.  It doesn't stop us from trying!  Nor does the lack of complete availability stop the march of time.  Sometimes we just have to celebrate down a man or two.

Last week we celebrated Christine's birthday.  That would be Christine of mother-of-three-of-my-grandboys fame.  I love watching her with the three boys: 3 years, not quite 2 and 6 months.  She has just the right amount of twinkling exasperation in her voice.  If you don't know what that is, find a mom with 3 boys. 

So as we are finishing up her birthday dinner - "Adian, take a bite. Josiah, sit down in the highchair." while Elijah vocalizes his dismay at his obvious lack of fan club - when someone at the table utters a sentence that includes the word "cake."  Aidan counters with his offer to take a bite of cake instead of those items currently located on his plate.  Josiah immediately turns around, sits himself down in the highchair and says with absolute clarity, "CAKE!"  We have a winner!  Except for Elijah, who is still vying for attention of his own.

There might not be anything better than watching the shear joy that is Josiah eating cake.  While any food is his second favorite, cake is in a class by itself. There are a few things that must be mentioned in any discussion of Josiah and cake:
1.  If the fork doesn't function flawlessly on the first try, fingers will.
2.  As is the custom of all my grandboys, start at the frosting and work your way down.  Stop when you reach the cake - except for Josiah.  He doesn't stop until the crumbs are too smashed for little fingers to grasp.
3.  There is a quilt rack in the dining room.  Measure the child's wing span, multiply by three and place the highchair no closer.
4.  And finally, never ever order a cake with blue frosting - or red - or purple - or chocolate.  White is good...

Stay tuned for April when Josiah has a birthday of his own.  Cake and Candles - that should be really interesting!

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