Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Said No Kid Ever...

You don't have to be a Granma to know there are some things you will never hear from a kid.  You don't have to be a parent, either.  Every kids has a list of taboo statements.  And if they talked to another kid - any other kid - each would come away with a longer list.  And there would be no discussion.  Some things are just universally accepted.  There might be a shared laugh of agreement, but there would be discussion.

"I'm sorry you don't feel well.  I'll be good while you take a nap, Mom," said no kid ever.

"I want to do my homework before playing outside on this beautiful spring afternoon," said no kid ever.

"Yes, I hit by brother because I wanted his toy.  Please spank me now," said no kid ever.

"It's my birthday!  Do I have to open gifts?" said no kid ever.

"It's getting close to bedtime.  Can I go to bed now?" said Aidan last Sunday.

What!?!  Since when does a five year old want to go to bed early?  He's breaking a code or something!  That could have lifelong repercussions for an entire generation to come!  He might get a pass if he was sick or he had a 2 AM bedtime.  But, no, he was healthy and it was shortly before 8 PM.  This Granma had to seriously wonder what could make a child say such a thing, though of course, his parents acquiesced.

Aidan marched into the kitchen where I was talking with his parents, gave us all a kiss, handed his mom a small blue pillow with a slightly bulging pocket on the front, and headed for bed.  Aidan, you see, just lost his second tooth and had succumbed to the magic of the tooth fairy.  He wasn't looking forward to a dollar or five or whatever the going rate tends to be.  No, he was looking for a real payday - a Paw Patrol stuffed animal.  I understand the tooth fairy did not disappoint.

Did you know that the great white shark has rows and rows of teeth?  When one falls out, the next one is ready to fill it's spot.  Now, I'm not interested in a shark for a grandboy, but wouldn't that make bedtime a snap?  If, that is, you could find your way through all the stuffed animals to confiscate the tooth - a flaw in the plan.

I love you, Toothless!

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