Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Taking it to the Next Level

For the past thirty five years, I have had the privilege of working the second best job ever - being a Mom.  There have been tears - I have kissed away a few and shed a few, and when I'm honest, I've caused a few, too - not always as justified as I willed myself to believe at the time.  There has been laughter - from chuckles to belly laughs to milk-running-out-the-nose-falling-off-the-chair laughter.  There has been loud - from turn-down-the-music to I-heard-that-get-out-of-the-cookie-jar.  And there has been quiet - like watching the even breathing of a sleeping toddler to why-is-it-so-quiet-what-are-you-doing.  There have been agreements, disagreements, because-I-told-you-sos and I'll-agree-with-you-until-I'm-out-of-view. Toddlers and Teenagers both begin with "T" - a coincidence?  I think not.

Ten years ago I got a promotion to the best job ever - Granma!  (You knew that was coming.)  Granma entails all of the good stuff of being a mom but only about 25% of the not-so-much-fun stuff.  And that 25% is so ingrained that I couldn't not do it, no matter how hard I tried.  Grabbing a toddler's hand when crossing a street is automatic.  Poopy diapers haven't changed that much, nor have the other bodily functions that involve elimination.  On the plus side, I'm treated to far fewer of those events.  Finally, after so many years of it, what would I do in a bathroom my myself, anyway?  Actually, we have two small dogs and a master bath door that doesn't latch properly.  The puppies kept me in practice in anticipation of grandbabies.  I might get lonely in there all by myself.

But just the other day, I discovered a brand new level of be-still-my-heart and I-could-die-happy-right-now and live-doesn't-get-better-than-this.  It actually arrived wrapped in jealousy, which is kind of an odd delivery for something so valuable.  I was out of town for Halloween, so didn't get to exclaim in person about how my grand ones had the best costumes that absolutely fit their personality.  In fact, I had to leave it to others (gasp) to sugar the love bugs up - and I understand you all did admirably.  Thank you very much.

What really sent me over the top was that those who call me "Mom" arranged a gathering to include with those who call me "Granma" - without me!  Hence the jealousy part (I wanted to be there!) - and the exact reason for the nirvana part!  Apparently it is no longer up to my husband and me to gather the troops.  Maybe it hasn't been for awhile, but to open up Facebook and see an Instagram of these six goofballs dining together.  Well, it made my toes tap and my heart sing!!!

Fortunately there are no pictures of me playing the part of Fred Astaire - for which both you and I are grateful.  But there is photographic evidence of the cause, complete with faces that this Granma finds irresistible!  Happy Halloween, all over again.  And happy Family!!! (Grateful sigh...)

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