Tuesday, September 5, 2017

An official end to summer

I'm a summer person - I love sunshine and hot weather and flip flops.  I want the windows down and the air off (below 85 degrees, anyway).  I often wonder why I live in Illinois (which is more than just a weather consideration) - though I know the answer:  the grandloves are here, and so am I.  That said, I put on a brave face when Labor Day rolls around, trying not to shed public tears at the thought of disappearing daylight and the resulting cooler temps.

Target acquired:  Corey
Go, Tyler!
Last May, when I was daily reveling the the opposite of the foregoing sentence, I happened into Costco, and found there a box of 200 water balloons.  Now, if you are not familiar with the latest in water balloons, they are amazing!  By hooking the ready contraption up to a garden hose, you can fill and tie 20 balloons in less than a minute.  It might be top on my I-wish-I-invested-that list.  Number two on that list is Squeezers - the perfect way to deliver mess-free baby food.  But I digress.  Back to the balloons...

It's not that I forgot about them, but I didn't find a good time or place to introduce them for family fun.  But with summer waning, the box was pulled from the closet.  I had plenty of takers for a wet war.  After placing the filled balloons in laundry baskets, my fellow revelers and I made our way to a park.  As luck would have it, I had the three grandloves in the car with me, other adults following in another car.  It was suggested that those in our car would take on Colin and Corey in the fight to end all summers - or this summer, at least.  Bless their naive souls, they thought our four against their two would be a beat-down.  I was pretty sure it would be, too, though I was expecting to receive the beating.  Unfortunately, I was right.

Triple Dunk!
Having raised our opponents, and knowing their pension for competitive glee, especially where wet battles are concerned, I expected a soaking.  Expectation realized.  However, utilizing the centipede theory, they didn't walk away dry, either.  We had twice as many arms launching munitions at them - perhaps not as accurately, but effective, none the less.  Of course, targets were not strictly divided by team - several of the mini's helped me cool off with projectiles aimed my direction.  I, in turn, returned the favor.

Thanks to the aforementioned water balloon filling invention, the fight lasted several times longer than the filling.  That, right there, is a win!  What is the proper way to wrap up a water balloon fight?  Well, Colin happened to notice that the laundry basket held its share of water - more than any single balloon!  He also happened to notice that I was showering his daughter with a balloon.  In an effort to defend her honor, I guess, or just because (see aforementioned competitive glee commentary), I know EXACTLY how much water a laundry basket holds!  Thank you, Emma, for photo documenting!

I might still lament the end of summer, but I do it with a smile - and a promise to do it again next year!

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