Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Water Works

Would that be "Yes, water works!"  or "Oh, no, water works."?  And the answer would be, we got both!

It started out as a perfect end of summer treat!  My son Colin and his three kids joined me for a water park adventure.  The weather was perfect - sunny and warm.  The crowds were minimal, owing to a weekday outing after the start of some schools had already syphoned off a good portion of the would-be revelers.  West suburban water fun, here we come!  OK, even though we live in the west 'burbs, it was still a 45 minute drive.  The traditional traveling question, "are we there yet," drew the traditional answer 4 or 5 times, "does it look like it?"

When we eventually arrived, Bryce, Bella and Tyler led us straight to the wave pool.  I led them to the sunscreen.  I've lost Granma points in the past due to sparse usage of sun products.  I am proof that you really can teach an old dog new tricks.  It was not possible to hug any of them - they were too slippery to grasp reliably. This part of the trip was repeated several times, despite the assembled eye-rolls.

From the wave pool, we split into two groups: water sliders and not.  Bryce and his Dad headed for the biggest and best water slide.  The rest of us headed to the lazy river.  You may ask just how many times this Granma can circle that river before crying uncle.  The answer is 5.  We then went in search of the sliding group to change adult duties.  Amazingly, we found the other two, fresh off their first slide - despite the diminshed crowd, it was still a long wait.  I grabbed Bryce and headed for the second biggest water slide - affectionately known as the toilet bowl.  I'm pretty sure the park has another name for the attraction, but mine is more descriptive.

Super Sized for Tyler
After another adult swap, I headed back to the wave pool. Somewhere in there, we met up again and had ice cream.  Colin warned me that I was making a mistake when I got a large cone for Tyler.  Colin was right.  But we had a good laugh.  I laughed last - Colin had to take him to wash him up.

Another round or two on the lazy river and it was time for one last ride before we headed home - a water slide approved for those under 48" (Tyler clocks in at 47").  I might mention this group decision was not unanimous - the tallest of us overruling the shortest two.  We waited in line, climbing ever higher up the platform.  There was much anticipation, though maybe not all of it to the plus side.  All five of us rode down in the same tube, which was, indeed, designed to hold all of us.

When we splashed to a stop at the bottom, the real water works started.

Tyler (through tears):  I hate that purple slide!
Bryce (ever the older brother): On a scale of 1-10, what would you give it?
Tyler (emphatically): ZERO!!!
Granma (attempting to turn the tide that was certainly headed out):  On a scale of 1-10, how was the whole day?
Tyler (tears drying but mad still apparent):  Fifty-seven.  But I hate the purple slide!!!

I take my wins where I can get them, and that's where I rank our water works adventure.  However, it comes with an asterisk - Tyler will never go down a purple water slide, again.  And I won't ask.  And if I am ever tempted to forget our adventure, I have a picture, taken just shortly after the group water slide.  Bryce is as happy as a fish in water.  Bella is, as always, ready for Hollywood.  The sad sack in the middle may have been permanently scarred by water torture in shades of purple.  Sorry, Tyler.  Just remember the 57, OK?

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