Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Selfishly Selfie

There was a time, not so long ago, that I had the best photographic eye.  The perfection was obvious: the composition, the lighting, the framing of the shot.  I had an amazing ability to capture the perfect photographic image every time.  It was uncanny, amazing even!  The funny thing was, that when I finally finished the roll of film and then remembered to drop it off for processing and pick it up once completed, I couldn't always identify the subject, or sadly, the amazing.  I'm sure it was Jewel/Osco's fault.  Then again, there were far fewer images to cull through than there are digitally.  Those under the age of 20 will never know the joy of being a photographic genius in their own minds.  They are confronted with the reality of the captured shot far too quickly.

Adventures with cameras (read cellphones) and grandloves start like this, "Granma, take a picture of me and/doing [fill in the blank]."  Some events that apparently merit immortalization:  eating lunch, building with Legos, doing a somersault, standing on one foot, putting on shoes, folding paper...  Basically anything that can be done is picture worthy.  In truth, I have a hard time arguing with their logic.  There is nothing my grandloves do that isn't the most adorable thing I have ever seen.  Well, maybe I'm getting older and wiser, but I might be getting more discriminating, too.  Standing on one foot, even while folding paper, is not longer considered photogenic.

The real fun comes when they want to take "just one picture."  And by one, they mean one IPhone in their two hands, while their two legs carry they in the opposite direction as quickly as possible, all the while their finger twitches at lightening speed on the little button that captures their blurry world on demand and repeatedly.  The only thing moving faster than the one with the ill-gotten prize, are the other one to seven grands hoping to claim the same prize for themselves.  Think "camera down" and "memory full."

I thought I would fill this blog with countless original compositions and call it Can Do with a Camera.  Count yourself blessed - near 100% of those unforgettable (and usually unidentifiable) images have gone the way of the electronic trash can.  A few remain, though.  Aren't they adorable?  (Don't answer that.)

This Granma along with Uncle Corey decided to give group selfie lessons.  First, it insured I would have proof of time spend with the mini's among us - after the healing of the inevitable scratches and bruises.  Little boys are, as ever, closely related to the proverable bull in a china shop.  Secondly, it means I got to keep my phone in the hands of an adult, albeit Corey's - his arms are longer.  And finally, I'm learning (slowly) to have a selfie that doesn't beg the question, "when did my nose get that big?"

Ok, Elijah lost his chin in the first version.  Just to prove he has one, here is picture number two: chin in tact while the balance of his face hides behind Josiah's hands.

Bet you can't wait for the results of selfie lesson number two, can you?  I'll try to spare you.  But, then again, aren't they adorable?!


  1. I think the top ones are mucho adorable, too ~ At my ripe age, I still need to learn the Pic Lesson #1 (not just for selfies): composition and focus can go by the wayside, if reality and interest are allowed to prevail!

    1. I like that! Gives permission to just snap away - which the grands already do!