Tuesday, August 15, 2017

L'eggo my Legos!

They have been around for generations - though I'm not sure exactly how many, I can vouch for 3 minimum:  mine, my sons' and my grandloves.  (A quick Google search claims they were invented in 1932, so add another generation and a half to that.)  That is a lot of Legos!  I would like to say they are unchanged in all that time, and some aspects are.  But I marvel (and scratch my head) over the various forms those building blocks now take.  They have some very specific uses, no doubt.  And if the flimsy, paper, step-by-step, instruction booklets they come with don't fall apart, you can put those shapes to use effectively.  Alas, those booklets are one of the things that have not changes in the least over the generations.

However, with a few (hundred) easy (endless) steps, you may build (at least once, if you move quickly before pieces migrate away from you) creations that will amaze and astound your friends!  You, too, can be a master builder, recreating an exact duplicate of the picture on the box.  By the way, there are upwards to 100 master Lego builders making a living snapping those blocks together!  What a job that would be!

All the grandloves have many sets of Legos - whether or not specific assembly of those sets is still a practical consideration.  I have personally supplied my fair share of bricks to each of them.  But the ones they use around this Granma's house come totally without instruction.  They are built with imagination only - and a fair share of, "Granma can you find a piece that is 1x4, white and skinny."  These highly technical descriptions sometimes leave me guessing as to their meaning, and sometimes "white" means blue or green or grey or any other color that matches the less flexible and more desirable block configuration.

The Meeper Bot 2.0 -
modifications by Tyler
There is much talk about how painful it is to step on Legos, and I have felt that pain.  Recently, though Granma Legos tend to get scattered around the house in larger groupings.  For example, in order to take the above picture, I had to gather creations from three separate locations.  Each grandlove or group thereof, has a special creation that they don't want to see returned to the blocks from which they sprang just because it is time for them to go home.  Nor do they want their creation cannibalized for the sake of a competing grand's creation.  Despite these far flung gatherings, the pile of loose Legos (hopefully all contained appropriately) seems hardly diminished.  I think they breed in the dark, though I have yet to catch them in the act.

The latest round of newly discovered Lego fun, though, might be the best yet.  Enter the Meeper Bot 2.0.  Those are not just ordinary wheels - they are Apple charged!  Using an app on the phone and connected through Blue-tooth, that baby can scoot!  Grandboys love it, dogs fear it, Granma sneaks down to play with it after the minis leave!  Yes, the sticker shock is just that - shocking.  Yes, you should keep a supply of 9V batteries handy.  And yes, the axles break when dropped (though it comes with replacements).  But in the end, it's worth every dime, every volt, and every axle repair.

Just a suggestion, but I take my Granma points where I can get them, and sometimes plastic is just the ticket - 9V and/or imagination powered.  Just watch your step after play.  Remember, lonely Legos bite...

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